Coronavirus Information

The latest safety precautions and procedures from our team at Rural Psychiatry Associates.

Dear patients and visitors,

We remain open for business and will attempt to operate as normally as possible. We want you to know we are taking extra precautions to ensure the health and safety of our patients and staff. Given the information from the CDC and state health departments, we feel compelled to institute a stricter set of standards regarding out interactions with our patients. We will follow the protocols below to reduce the potential spread of this virus and to aid in the efforts to “flatten the curve.” This is our part in an attempt to reduce the severity and number of individuals who might be tragically impacted. 

In practicing social distancing and to minimize exposure, we are offering telemedicine to patients right within their own environment. Our staff will be calling all patients who are scheduled with more information on this. 

If you are still seen within our clinics, we have always had a careful hygienic protocol in our office, but here are some precautions that go “above and beyond” our normal process. Please note that some items we may be asking you, our patients, to do something DIFFERENT as well: 


We will be screening all patients while scheduling appointments and when checking patients into the clinic about their current health condition. 


We will be calling all patients, to be seen in one of our clinics, the day before their appointment to confirm and will ask them if they are certain they are free of any fever, chills, or other flu-like symptoms AND have not been exposed to someone with those symptoms in the past 14 days. If they are not certain or have been experiencing these symptoms, they will be re-scheduled. 


We will ask any patient (or person accompanying a patient) who present with fever or flu-like symptoms when they enter the office, to reschedule.


We ask that all patients wear a mask when coming into our clinic locations. 


We ask that all patients wash their hands or use hand sanitizer upon entering one of our clinic locations. 


We ask that all patients maintain space between themselves and our staff and adhere to our prompts for social distancing within the office. 


Any of our team members will be required to STAY HOME if they feel the symptoms of the virus or illness (i.e., aching, fever, chills or persistent cough). We are also requiring daily temperature checks and health screenings. 


Our staff will be wearing masks when working with the patients who come into one of our clinic locations. Increased hand hygiene will be practiced. 


Additionally, our team is being asked to be responsible and respectful of others in practicing social distancing, wearing masks, ensuring adequate hand hygiene, etc. outside of work as well. 

Our patients and staff’s health and well-being is our top priority. It is our hope that these days of uncertainty will draw us towards a steady, thoughtful, caring and reasoned approach at providing mental health services to our patients during this pandemic. While it is not a time to “panic,” we can play a part in reducing the severity and impact of this disease on many by proceeding wisely. We care greatly for our patients, our staff and our community and are hopeful for an expedient return to health and normalcy.

We are still open during our regular business hours, Monday through Friday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm. Please call with any questions or concerns 701-205-3000, our team is here to help.


Rural Psychiatry Associates

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